“In my experience, burglars come in two sorts, the sneak thief, who's usually desperate but is put off by most security measures… and the professional house breaker who isn't put off so easily”

Sadly, making our homes safe and secure is now a priority. Statistics form the police tell us that burglary offences make up for 1 in 4 of all property crimes.
However if you look at your property through the eyes of a burglar and see that all your doors and windows are secure, where else are they going to gain entry?

With this in mind, it makes sense to fit the best hardware when you have windows and doors replaced.

When you choose from the Ultimate Collection you can be assured that the windows and doors are not only being expertly fitted, but that they come complete with the best hardware available.

The Ultimate Collection has been refined and designed to protect you and your home as effectively as possible with built in security features as standard.

Prevention is the best form of security. Fit The Ultimate Collection and you and your family will be safe and secure!

Here at Delta Double Glazing we provide a comprehensive range of products including windows, doors and conservatories all expertly fitted to the highest standards.

Delta has been trading for over 31 years, and in that time has worked with a number of different manufactures trying to find one that provides the correct balance of high quality products at medium range prices, And we believe we have found that in John Fredericks Ultimate Collection.

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